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DVAR Institute has been broadcasting educational programs for about 25 years. The DVAR Show radio program airs across the country and is the only national Jewish Radio program in America. Our shows Alternative Perspectives, The DVAR Show, and Thinking Out Loud all air on Cablevision. Thinking out loud our television program airs on Jewish Life Television around the country. The programming features Jewish educational topics as well as general, ethical, and world events - each covered with thorough investigative reporting.

As soon as we opened, a world crisis was upon us - a hostage situation, and another potential hostage situation in an unfriendly country,ůmotivating DVAR to facilitate a transfer of about 10,000 people out of parts of the Middle East over a 10 year period. After the diasterous earthquake in Haiti Dvar shipped t-shirts and baseball caps to Haiti. Such projects, as well as others involving helping with the epidemic of teens in crisis and their accompanying lacking in moral direction, have all been the hallmark of the DVAR Institute.

We engage in several areas:

  • Special Programs
  • Ethics Leadership Training Programs
  • Assisting Teens In Crisis
  • Ethical Media Dissemination

Special Projects:

  • Disseminating food and products to the poor
  • Refugee program
  • Retreats
  • Personal and family counseling

Ethical Leadership Training Programs

Students from around the world have come to us to study Jewish sources and literature - bureau enhancing ethical teachings including refusniks from the former Soviet Union. Other Europeans and students from across the Americas have studied at DVAR - some for short periods of time and others even from over a decade. Our classes are worldwide, including USA & Israel.

Assisting Teens in Crisis

We cannot ignore the frightening increase at teens dropping out of society and feeling alienated. There are many reasons for this. Unfortunately the end result is the same; a cycle of emotional difficulties, estrangement, drug and alcohol abuse and other dangerous behaviors. We have helped with counseling, helping them earn GEDs, and coaching them back into the mainstream of healthy society. Some of the graduates of this program have attained success vocationally & communally, & among them are people who have gone on to counsel others, as well as those who have achieved careers in education.

Ethical Media Dissemination

Television, Radio & Media Programming

Alternative Perspectives, co-hosted by Rabbi Dr. Chaim Friedman, Dean of the Dvar Institute, and Bill Scott, former President of the NAACP in Spring Valley, New York. This is a show using investigative reporting to help deal with moral issues facing the world. The show airs on WRCR in Rockland County, New York, WGBB on Long Island, and WNWR-AM in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley, as well as its web site.

Thinking Out Loud is another show with Rabbi Dr. Chaim Friedman that deals with philosophical and historical themes. These shows appear on cablevision and Jewish Life Television.

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